Pick Me! Buzzer App 1.0

Pick Me! Buzzer App lets you buzz in from iOS devices.
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Pick Me! Buzzer App is a simple application that lets users on iOS devices or PCs buzz in. It was designed so that kids could play games in which they have to buzz in to play. The concept is as follows: the Mac application is installed in the teacher's computer and when you give the order whoever buzzes first gets to play. For example, a teacher may ask a question and wait for someone who knows the answer to buzz in.

The program lets you set up two teams and up to 10 players. They can use iPhones, iPods and iPads to buzz in. The iOS application can be downloaded for free and it is very simple. There will be a big button on the screen that when pressed will tell the Mac app that the user is ready to play.

In my testing, I was unable to get this application to work. I know that both the Mac and iOS applications were able to communicate because when I logged in with the iOS app, the Mac one showed a window with the device name, but when I clicked it, it simply disappeared. I buzzed several times and even restarted both apps and nothing happened.

Unfortunately, the Mac version of this app doesn't have any preferences or even help, so I was unable to diagnose the problem.

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