Piano Tuner

Piano Tuner 13.0

A powerful application designed to assist users while tuning their pianos.

Manually tuning such a sensitive instrument as the piano takes a lot of skill, practice and specialized tools. With Piano Tuner, users are able to accurately tune their instrument using only a Mac computer. It may be used for educational purposes but also by professional piano tuners in need of a faster calibration method.

In order to properly tune a piano, the application provides multiple visual displays. That includes the Hilber Scope window that visualizes harmonics impurities, the Partials window for the cent offset and a strobe tuner.

From the Preferences panel users can modify the reference pitch, with associated temperament, key and stretch values. You can change the tune threshold, specify the input and output devices. Piano Tuner works with a microphone, line-in, and iSight. Note that tuning will be as accurate as the input devices allow it to be.

The application includes a speech function for the current tuning status. This makes it possible to focus on tuning the piano without keeping your eyes on the monitor.

All in all, this provides a most convenient piano tuning solution without the need of regular, conventional means.

Rory Shaffer
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