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PhotoSync will transform your photo handling forever.
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PhotoSync will transform your photo handling forever.
It‘s the first app that makes wireless transfer of your photos/videos from/to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - a breeze. You will never want to use a cable again!
Note: PhotoSync Companion for Mac requires the "PhotoSync app" to be installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The PhotoSync app ($1.99) can be downloaded from the App Store.
App Store-Link: ==> (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch)
Website and support: ==> http:/
Watch PhotoSync in action (Youtube): ==>
► Sending photos/videos to your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad is extremely fast
Just drag the photos/videos you want on your device onto the PhotoSync icon in the dock and transfer them in seconds. No cable required. No iTunes needed! RAW images are supported and all Exif data is preserved.

► Receiving photos/videos from your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad is simple
Just select the photos/videos you want to transfer from your device and seconds later they are on your Mac.
► Direct import into iPhoto & Aperture
In addiction to saving received photos/videos in a folder, PhotoSync also supports direct import into Aperture and iPhoto.
► Auto discovery
When sending and receiving photos/videos, your Mac and iOS devices find one another automatically. You don't need to remember or enter any IP-addresses.
► And much more
PhotoSync for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch also offers:
Sending pictures/videos from device to device (over Wi-Fi & Bluetooth), accessing all photos/videos on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch by web-browser, transferring to Flickr.
- PhotoSync app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch needs to be running on your devices to send/receive pictures/videos
- Your Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network
- PhotoSync for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch requires iOS 4.2 or higher

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