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Create collages by combining photos using gradient blending.
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PhotosBlender has a self-descriptive name, as this tool can be used to create collages by combining various photographs. Instead of simply putting pictures side by side, the application can use gradient blending for a smoother transition.

PhotosBlender could not be any easier to use. In this respect, most of the times you only need to load the photos you want to blend and press the corresponding button. Moreover, there are some additional settings that allow you to get more personalized results. For instance, you can set a background color and define a blending margin size. Likewise, you may choose to uniformly crop images so that they are the same size. It also supports various ways to blend them: vertically, horizontally or perfect squares. Fortunately, the photos can be edited before blending them.

Fortunately, the blending is done very fast so you can try and preview the results as many times as you need until they look as expected. Then, the resulting collage can be easily copied to the clipboard to make it ready to paste on any other application. Moreover, it can be exported as an independent file in such formats as JPG, HEIC, OPENEXR, PDF, PNG and TIFF. Likewise, depending on the output format chosen, you can adjust some parameters like quality and compression.

All in all, PhotosBlender is just an easy way to create a collage. In this respect, it has some limitations as not allowing to place the component pictures exactly where you want them. Likewise, it does not allow creating “arrays” of blended photos in a single step: it would require working on each section separately and then merging them again. The product is shareware and can be tried at no cost; yet, after the trial period, you will need to buy the full version, which seems a little pricey to me.

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  • Works very fast
  • Supports various picture formats


  • Does not allow placing the photos exactly where you want them
  • Does not allow creating “arrays” of blended photos in a single step


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