PhotoPosterMaker 1.0

There are many programs and webpages that create collages and posters for you.

PhotoPosterMaker...There are many programs and webpages that create collages and posters for you. Most commonly the result of these is a chaotic pile of pseudo-Polaroids. The viewer's attention drifts away from your photos and gets lost in a pile of snapshots.
Enter PhotoPosterMaker for Mac
Your photos are your art - so treat them as art. With PhotoPosterMaker for Mac you can arrange them in a collage that exactly aligns every photo and removes any kind of distraction. Give room to portrait, landscape and panoramic photos and create your individual layout.
Have your posters and collages printed in large format and display them at home or in your office. Visitors will be stunned by the professional appearance of your very own creation.
With PhotoPosterMaker for Mac you can...
- Create stunning large format posters of your photographs.
- Create your own layout, the individual photos will neatly fill the defined frames.
- Easily arrange photos according to their color tones, brightness, subject, orientation, etc.
- Resize photos in their individual frames and crop unwanted parts.
- Link small frames together, creating a large frame to accommodate panoramic images.
- Save the entire project into a file for later editing.
- Export your poster into jpg, tiff, png and pdf formats.

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