Photobook Designer

Photobook Designer 2015.2

Photobook Designer is a royalty-free book making software.
2015.2 (See all)

Photobook Designer is a royalty-free book making software that enables you to design and publish your own professionally-bound photo books. Explore its many new features that give you even more control in the customization of your book layouts including exciting effects, how images are accessed, viewed, and filtered, and automatic software updates.

Main Features:

-Cross-platform -- Photobook Designer is available for both Windows and Mac.

-Full customization --You select the number of images per page, resize images, use images as backgrounds, and use any font and language.

-Convenient ordering process -- Faster upload and your photo book is ready in just minutes! No more hassle.

-Easy-to-use, streamlined interface -- You can add background images, faded images, crop images, and more. Easy to use - get professional results.

-Font support -- Use all your fonts in a variety of sizes and text styles.

- MAC OS X 10.4.5 or later
- 2GB hard disk space
- Minimum 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)

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