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Photo DeNoise Movavi 1.0

It improves the quality of photos taken in inadequate lighting conditions.
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Photo DeNoise Movavi is an image editor that lets you improve the quality of photos taken in inadequate lighting conditions - namely, the application helps you correct grainy pictures and eliminate annoying luminance in order to obtain real-like images.

The utility provides a simple and user-friendly interface so that anyone can manage the tool's functions with ease. Loading the pictures you wish to enhance is done by browsing for files from within the app. Unfinished projects support being reopened and edited further. The program has a generous preview that allows you to zoom in and out the displayed image for sharper details. It offers browsing arrows that let you navigate with ease through the imported images.

The denoising feature comes with default presets for fast picture correction. Yet, if the enhancement profiles don't suit your needs, you can enable custom adjustments for light noise, color noise, intensity, and sharpness, which you can save as your own presets for further use. Besides correcting grain-like imperfections, Photo DeNoise Movavi allows you to flip the images horizontally and vertically, rotate the pictures by 90 degrees, and adjust the inclination angle manually. In addition, it lets you crop the pictures at specific sizes and proportions, with or without preserving the initial aspect ratio. Furthermore, the program has the ability to resize the photos in order to fit your uploading needs and to save disk space. The results can be exported to most common image formats, including PNG, JPG, and TIFF.

In short, this application offers a simple way to correct image imperfections. In addition, you are able to rotate, crop, and resize the images at your convenience.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Simple noise reduction procedure
  • Provides noise reduction presets
  • Good preview
  • Ability to compare the resulting image with the original


  • Doesn't support watermarks
  • Pricey
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