PhoneFinger 1.1

A great tool that replaces the mouse cursor with a human finger.
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PhoneFinger is a smart and entertaining application that changes your mouse cursor into a human finger. You have three cursor types at your disposal. A woman finger, a man finger and a minimalist circle. PhoneFinger allows you to change the size of the finger: you can make it small, big or you can choose to have the normal size of a hand. In the program interface, the size for the big hand is named Rachmaninoff, which was the name of a famous Russian pianist. He was a composer and conductor but he was also known as the guy with rather large hands.

The program provides high level of details so the hands look like real. The woman hand has red nail polish and you can even see the wrinkles on the fingers.

With PhoneFinger, every time you click on your Mac desktop, the hand leaves a fingerprint. The program allows you to disable this feature or you can clean the desktop from time to time with the help of the "Wipe" button from the interface. The fingerprints are also very realistic.

In conclusion, PhoneFinger is a fun program that replaces the old cursor with a neat looking one, that has the shape of a finger.

Abbie Crang
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  • Your Mac will have a neat new look


  • The interface of the program is always shown on the desktop
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