Phone Wallpaper X 1.4

Mobile phone wallpaper maker for Mac OS X.
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Phone Wallpaper X is designed to create, edit, organize and upload backgrounds into mobile phones and PDAs. Flexible image editor allows to crop and resize pictures for the selected mobile device model.

You can open images in various formats and crop or resize them up to the necessary size. The internal Device Manager will keep all your mobile phones with their characteristics in the list for easy connection and wallpaper uploading.

Crop, Resize, Rotate Images

Image editing is easy due to the adaptable graphics editor that allows to crop and resize images in accordance with the defined exact position and size. Improved quality of picture smoothing and double color of background make it easy to obtain high-quality wallpapers. Also, you can flip and rotate them.

Image Enhancement

You can enhance your photos with Core Image-based filters: sharpness, brightness, sepia, blur and more. Add fun effects to your images with the latest Reflected Tile and Kaleidoscope filters which are available in Leopard OS X.

Address Book Integration

Photos of your friends from Apple Address Book in your mobile phone. You can use the contact photos in Photo Caller ID and Photo Call functions of mobile phones or PDA.

Organize Wallpapers

You can collect your favorite wallpapers in the gallery and upload them to your mobile phone through Bluetooth or USB. As soon as the wallpapers are ready, they can be placed in Wallpapers Gallery folder. Gallery organizes backgrounds in folders and displays the quantity and the size of the chosen files. Original files, remade into wallpapers, can be saved for further editing or preparation of the wallpapers for other mobile phone display resolution. Mac OS X wallpapers for mobile phone backgrounds are available for free in the gallery.



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