Pharmacoder X 2.0

Generates multi-color barcodes for pharmaceutical packaging.
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Generate Pharmacode (or Laetus) barcodes for pharmaceutical packaging. Create barcodes in EPS file format, which can be seamlessly integrated into packaging designs. Unlike other barcode types such as MBC4 and WBC4, the tool offers the flexibility of using multiple bar colors within the barcode. This feature is particularly useful when vital information needs to be printed on the packaging using different colors.

Pharmacoder is a program which produces the Pharmacode (or Laetus) bar codes used in pharmaceutical packaging.
Like MBC4 and WBC4, it generates bar codes as EPS files which can be placed into a packaging design. Unlike the bar code types supported by MBC4 and WBC4, Pharmacode allows for codes to be used which have more than one bar color within the code.

Multi-color codes are used when important information is printed onto the packaging in more than one color.

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