PFTrack 2013.3

Revolutionary approaches to camera and object motion calibration.
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PFTrack has been completely re-written as a 64-bit, GPU-accelerated application, allowing scalable performance as more robust components becomes available, while vastly improving processing speeds on modest computer hardware. Significant increases in productivity are accomplished through The Pixel Farm's distinctive node-based flowgraph architecture.
The Tracking Tree allows artists to experiment with multiple techniques in a non-linear, non-destructive environment to achieve the most accurate solution possible. Newly designed Image Modelling tools, with full-resolution Texture Extraction, generate detailed geometry for scene fitting, shadow boxing, and set reconstruction. PFTrack's per-pixel c now supports masks to specify the relative depth ordering of objects in the scene, producing a grey-scale depth map image and triangular mesh geometry. Geometry Tracking now supports deformable groups, allowing a triangular mesh to deform as it's vertices track a non-rigid moving object, such as an actor's face while speaking.

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