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PFMatchit is the product innovative node-based flowgraph architecture.
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The Pixel Farm
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PFMatchit has been released in response to customer demand for a lower entry point to The Pixel Farm's technology and is the first product to harness the company's new 64-bit, node-based flowgraph architecture. This new technology dramatically improves the fundamental processes involved in camera tracking, one of the most important areas of successful VFX creation, ushering in unprecedented levels of flexibility, control, accuracy and speed.

The new, node-based flowgraph architecture, developed by the company's renwoned R&D team, is an industry-first in camera tracking and match moving software. Easy to learn and operate, it provides a logical visual overview of tracking workflows, and gives digital artists a procedural, non-linear environment in which to experiment non-destructively with different approaches to a shot to achieve the best result possible. In many cases this enables shots to be tackled which were previously considered un-trackable.

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