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Control, organize, and modify financial data.
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Work with budgetary information on a personal or small business level. Manage the receipts and databases for payments, earnings, taxation, etc. Check the current financial balance of the selected entity, analyze the prospects of increasing or losing capital, generate reports, etc.

Personal Ledger is a program for Mac OS X and powerful money management solution that can help you organize your personal finances and finance of your small business, so you can make better decisions about how you spend and save your money. It will help to properly maintain budget and bring order to your finances.
Simple and elegant solution, in the spirit of Mac OS, which is used in the Personal Ledger, the beautiful and intuitive interface that will bring pleasure to the work with him.
Personal Ledger is the quickly developing and increasing functionality program. And when developing the Personal Ledger, we tried to concentrate on the main tasks:
- Convenient and fast data entry. To bookkeeping was not a burden.
- Convenient organization of financial data. And filter system reveals the full potential of such an organization.
- Financial planning in all details without any restrictions.
- Automate everything that can be automated.
- Handsome and easy interface, that was a pleasure to work.
- Minimum restrictions.
- The thought-out architecture that allows easy and quick increase and expand functional capabilities of the programs.All of this allows to achieve the main goal - creation of one of the most convenient and functional programs for financial management, and allow you, Mac users, use its full potential.
Key features:
- Quick data input. AutoFill and thought-out interface allows you to easy and quick input the transactions, suggest the right price, commissions and other details.
- Import data from QIF format supports multi-currency.
- Accounting of all details: the prices and discounts in shops, the commissions in banks and payment systems. Splitting transactions at the sub-transaction.
- Convenient multi-currency system. Any number of currencies, there is no exclusive currency. The history of exchange rates with the synchronization via Internet.
- Detailed planning of your expenses and income. Analysis of the financial situation in the future.
- A powerful and convenient search by various criteria. Intelligent filters help to input data, analyze and work with individual accounts and projects.
- Convenient organization of financial data. Organization of transactions by category and projects.
- Interactive three-dimensional graphs and charts, detailed reports. With power settings, and filtering of financial data.



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