Perfect Resize 9.5

Enlarges the imported photographic images.
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Organize and manage photographs and other images when preparing them for print by panning and cropping. The suite supports several zooming and enlargement modes with options to compensate for compression. Size increase of over 1000% without the loss of sharpness or detail is possible.

The industry standard for photo enlargements. Use Genuine Fractals powered algorithms for optimizing clarity and detail for different image types. Get the best quality enlargements for your photos, whether taken with a DSLR or your mobile device.
- Easily enlarge and create a high quality print of a great shot you captured on your phone or tablet.
- Increase image size over 1000% without the loss of sharpness or detail that you would normally expect.
- Built-in presets and manual controls make it easy to create high quality enlargements tailored to your photos, including print size, type of material, and type of output--including gallery wraps.
- The gallery wrap feature creates extended margins for wrapping your photo around wooden stretcher bars when printing to canvas. You have the option to either stretch or reflect the areas near the edge of your photo. Create a perfect gallery wrap and not lose any part of the photo.
- Using the Sharpening controls can save you the workflow step of adding additional Sharpening before printing and can help compensate for loss of sharpness due to dot gain from your printer.
- The tiling feature in Perfect Resize will divide an enlargement into smaller pieces that can be printed on a smaller printer.
- Print. Select the printer settings and paper size as well as control how the image will fit on the paper along with color management options.

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It's a superb application for resizing photographs.

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