Perfect Portrait

Perfect Portrait 2.0

Perfect Portrait gives your the fastest and easiest way to create stunning portraits.

Perfect Portrait gives your the fastest and easiest way to create stunning portraits. You’ll be able to improve skin texture, remove blemishes, even out skin tones, brighten eyes and teeth, and remove red eye. You'll get natural and realistic results and your friends and family will thank you.
Perfect Portrait 2 includes powerful and easy-to-use tools to make your friends and family look their best, including:
Skin Blemish Removal and Smoothing
Get great looking and natural skin as Perfect Portrait 2 maintains realistic skin structure so portraits don't look over retouched. You can quickly reduce wrinkles and deep pores and smooth skin to an even consistency. Perfect Portrait 2 can be used on just the face or the entire body.
Retouch Brush
Remove distracting acne, stray hairs, veins or other large blemishes with a few simple clicks. Just dab the Retouch Brush on an imperfection to make it disappear. It's that easy.
Red Eye Reduction
Working in conjunction with Perfect Portrait's automatic feature detection, a simple selection of the Red Eye reduction tool will minimize any red eye present on the face you're working on.
Color Correction
Automatically achieve accurate and natural skin color in Perfect Portrait 2. You'll be able to remove stray color casts and adjust your overall image color to complement the skin tone in your image.
Automatic Face Detection
Give each face in your image the specific attention it needs. Perfect Portrait 2 automatically recognizes each person in your photo and allows you to retouch each separately. Speed through the work of retouching a group photo by simply clicking on a button that moves your from one face to the next.
Automatic Feature Detection
More than just finding each face, Perfect Portrait 2 also quickly finds the eyes and mouth in a portrait automatically. You no longer have to waste time painting in the features or using complicated manual "wizards". Because the features are identified right away you can quickly get to the task of enhancing those critical features.
Use the new Eye & Mouth Control Points to refine how the features in your image are recognized, which will allow you to easily specify where brightening and color enhancements will appear.

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