Penny Arcade Adventures Precipice Of Darkness

Penny Arcade Adventures Precipice Of Darkness 1.2

A humorous adventure game from that draws on the Penny Arcade webcomic series.
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Hothead Games Inc.

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode One is a humorous 3D adventure game. Designed as the first of four episodes, it follows Penny Arcade characters Tycho and Gabe, along with a character you design yourself, as they unravel the mystery of a giant robot that terrorizes the land.

Despite some borrowed elements from the roleplaying game genre, such as constantly improving combat statistics and abilities, there are also many elements of the point-and-click adventure genre, such as descriptions of virtually every notable item in the scene that display when the item is clicked. The challenge found in either element of the game, even at the highest of the three standard difficulty choices, borders on trivial (although it does progressively increase, and the unlockable Insane Mode ought to satisfy those who still don't have their fix for challenging combat).

Sam's Protip: The moderate frequency of explicit language, sexual references, alcohol references, cartoon gore and toilet humor make this unsuitable for children below the age of 17, according to the Mac App Store - although many of the jokes would no doubt get their loudest laughs from high-schoolers.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Jokes that make will make you ROFL
  • Excellent graphics, customized for your avatar
  • Real-time ticker adds challenge to combat


  • Hard to use items quickly and effectively in combat
  • Some of the humor, especially in Gabe and Tycho's dialogue, is ho-hum
  • Series was abandoned by original developers after Episode Two
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