The Penelope Rose

The Penelope Rose 1.3

The Penelope Rose is a magical fairytale of how roses were saved.
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MoBaD Games, LLC.

The app is a free preview of the first 7 pages of a fascinating 3D storybook "The Penelope Rose". It is a kind of an entertaining game and educating book as well. The book narrates an interesting story about a little fairy who painted roses.

Your children will surely love this book. They will be able to see 3D objects without glasses, and play with them by simply peeking and dragging them. Also there are other plenty ways to entertain. Every page includes cute illustrations, nice animations and sound effects, and, of course, hints to reveal all these interactive features. Help your kids and find fish flying, pixies giggling, animals and fairytale creatures speaking and laughing, or plants vocalizing beautifully.

The Penelope Rose can also inspire your children to improve reading skills. They will be able to choose to read the story themselves by activating the 'I can read' option, or to listen to the story by choosing the 'Read to me' option. The latter highlights the pronounced words. Also, it is possible to select a piece of text or a separate word to be repeated. The youngsters will be able to learn colors by painting roses with Penelope.

To conclude, the app is a nice way for you kids to have fun and learn simultaneously.

Andrew Do
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  • Nice 3D objects
  • Beautiful animations
  • Pleasant narration and background music


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