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Pedagogica allows tools and models to be controlled by scripts.
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Pedagogica -tames powerful software tools for practical, effective learning activities.
A Software Interface that Simplifies Open-ended Models and Tools.
Pedagogica is a software environment that converts tools and models into hypermodels.These are inquiry-based lessons that provide guidance to students as they use the software.
Pedagogica tailors the appearance of the tools and the available options, presenting only those that are relevant to the activity. The interface is also used to assess student progress. It reports feedback, in real-time over the Internet, as students work through a series of activities.

Pedagogica is itself controlled by a script that can be easily modified and delivered over the Internet. This easy modification of Pedagogica scripts allows us to make quick improvements to our curricular materials. Classroom testing on one day can reveal the need for changes that can be made in time for the following day's class. The changes can be propagated easily to all students over the Internet using Pedagogica Explorer, the Concord Consortium client.

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