Peces 5.2

Open source game based on the Chinese game called Tangram.
5.2 (See all)
Innocent De Marchi

Peces is an open source game based on the Chinese game called Tangram. The main objective of the game is to create different figures by putting together pieces like squares, triangles, rectangles, and others. This simple yet challenging game has at least 40 gaming modes and 4 different difficulty levels. You will be able to select among different figures like trees, boats, animals, etc., and at the precise moment you start to move the pieces a timer will start counting the time that you will spend trying to solve the challenge. The game has four difficulty levels, which makes it suitable for both, kids and adults. Besides, the game incorporates 40 gaming modes (and more 31,000 Tangram designs), from 3 to 14 pieces, and this feature makes the game a real challenge. Another good feature of the game is the possibility to create new figures and add them to the main game. In addition, it is possible to create competitions against your friends, and select only the shapes you want to use. Moreover, you will be able to save these shapes to your PC, in order to use them later.
What's new in this version:
- One new tangram game (hexagonal)
- More 7,000 new shapes to play (31,610 in total).
- Random generation of new shapes (not for all tangram games).
- More faster search for similar shapes (Required human inspection).
- Add the glpeces.appdata.xml description file.
- Migrated to Qt 5.

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