pdfToolbox Desktop 4.2

All-in-one PDF production toolkit.
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callas pdfToolbox 4 gives all aspects of working with PDFs a massive boost with a greatly extended feature set no longer tailored just for prepress users. With pdfToolbox 4 you'll get your tasks done better and in less time through a gorgeous new interface that makes mastering the most arduous tasks a breeze. Powerful new features in pdfToolbox 4 include added functionality for imposing everything from business cards and booklets to N-up imposition; improved controls for creating great-looking PDF presentations; and easy creation of PDF versions for localized information or multiple-languages even when you don't have the creator document or application. pdfToolbox 4 also builds upon its predecessor's enviable reputation for professional high-end production tools with advanced features for color control and mapping as well as an updated version of the same preflight engine used in Adobe Acrobat that now supports the latest ISO standards for PDF/A, PDF/E, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-4p and PDF/X-5. pdfToolbox 4 also provides a layer explorer for managing and generating layer views; PDF slicing and gluing; controls to scale, fit, move, extend, rotate and flip and export PDF content; re-compression of images inside your PDF files; and the ability to embed, subset, replace and convert fonts to outlines with 100% reliability while maintaining correct character spacing and without bloating document sizes. So when we tell you that performing all these once-complex tasks is now a breeze you might find it hard to believe, but with pdfToolbox 4 getting your PDFs right really is simpler than ever before. Benefits Wide range of users can benefit from diversity of tools Performing complex tasks is easier than ever due to ground-breaking and appealing user interface Production tools guarantee complete control and highest quality PDF output Saves time in document preparation and modification Ensures compliancy with ISO standards Presentation tool boosts communication and appeal of PDF-based slides and handouts Reduces software costs by creating document versions directly from the PDF Support and updates are only a click away through the user interface


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