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PDF Converter ++ 3.2

Like all of my other products, the operation is very easy...
3.2 (See all)

Like all of my other products, the operation is very easy, you need to do is just drag the PDF files enter the window and drop it, specify the output format,then click the "start" button. of cource you can also through the same way to remove those files that you don't plan to convert, Please believe me, it will not let you down.
☞ 1.Keep the original style and layout (include *.docx, *.pptx, *.html, *.jpeg, *.png, *.gif, *.tiff, *.bmp).
☞ 2. Support convert PDF file in a batch.
☞ 3. Support all versions of PDF file format.
☞ 4.Supports select designated page for conversion.
☞ 5.Convert PDF files to Microsoft Word files(*.docx).
☞ 6.Convert PDF files to Microsoft Word files(*.doc).
☞ 7.Convert PDF files to Microsoft PowerPoint files(*.pptx).
☞ 8.Convert PDF files to html files(*.html).
☞ 9.Convert PDF files to text files(*.txt). Note: Scanned PDF file is not supported!
☞ 10.Convert PDF files to JPEG files(*.jpeg).
☞ 11.Convert PDF files to PNG files(*.png).
☞ 12.Convert PDF files to GIF files(*.gif).
☞ 13.Convert PDF files to TIFF files(*.tiff).
☞ 14.Convert PDF files to BMP files(*.bmp).
☞ 15.Convert PDF files to rtf files(*.rtf).
☞ 16.Convert PDF files to rtfd files(*.rtfd).
☞ 17.Convert PDF files to odt files(*.odt). Note: Parse text only.
☞ 18.Convert PDF files to wordml files(*.wordml). Note: Parse text only.

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