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PDF Comparator 3 is a major upgrade to our popular PDF comparison application.
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PDF Comparator 3 is a major upgrade to our popular PDF comparison application that uses Mac OS X’s built-in PDF rendering functionality to compare two PDFs to each other based on how they render and print, not just on their raw text or image content.
PDF Comparator 3 has all the functionality of of version 2:
Accurate display of each PDF page spearately, along with a view of any differences detected between them
Extensive control of rasterization parameters, including resolution, sensitivity, PDF “box” area to compare, etc.
The ability to open up to three windows to view a pair of pages, with or without synchronized sizing, zooming, and scrolling
Background checking of all pages in a pair of documents while viewing individual page comparisons in the foreground
PLUS, the PDF Comparator 3 Standard version has these new features and improvements:
Improved performance
Enhanced PDF page alignment
AND, on top of that, the Professional version of PDF Comparator 3 adds all of these features (most of them developed based on the great suggestions we’ve received from our version 2 users and version 3 beta testers):
Save and load comparison settings for later re-use
Turn on the new ‘Highlight Differences’ feature to avoid missing very small, though possibly significant, differences
Export comparison results to a PDF file
View PDF comments/annotations
Adjust the scaling of one PDF relative to the other
Set both X- and Y-offsets as well as scaling, with just a few mouse clicks
Use the ‘Loupe’ tool to magnify the area under the mouse cursor for more detailed examination without zooming the entire page display
Use the ‘Reduce Jitter’ function to minimize the effect of slight movement of text and small objects on the page
View raw text content of both pages, and the differences between them

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