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Path Finder is a very complete file browser and manager for Mac OS X.
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Path Finder is a very complete file browser and manager for Mac OS X. It looks a lot like Finder, but it adds a number of powerful features. So, those who love Finder for its looks can still try Path Finder and see if they like it. The number of features that Path Finder has is very large, and I won't have time to write about all of them. I will tell you what I like the most about it, though.

The first thing that comes to mind is tabs. Path Finder allows you to open as many tabs as you want and browse different folders in each of them. You can drag and drop files between tabs to move them or copy them. The app has great support for keyboard hotkeys so you can do most operations by pressing keys on your keyboard. Another interesting feature for file browsing operations is the "drop stack". This is an area of the Path Finder user graphical interface that allows you to drag files onto it. They will be temporarily be hosted in the drop stack and you can then drag and drop them to other locations. This is incredibly useful when moving files between folders. I have grown tired of having to open several Finder windows to move files around, and the drop stack and the tabbed interface fix that problem for me.

Path Finder is also known for the degree of customization that it allows, its great search features and because it is simply intuitive.

It is a great Finder replacement. The trial version allows you to test it completely before you have to purchase.

José Fernández
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  • It is an excellent file manager
  • Lots of powerful features
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