PasswordMaster (OS X)

PasswordMaster (OS X) 1.6

Keep track of your software serial numbers, registration codes, and passwords.

PasswordMaster will help you easily store and organize all your software serial numbers, registration codes and passwords. PasswordMaster will also help you create custom passwords for your local network, multiple users, or your e-mail accounts. Not only that, PasswordMaster protects your data with 448-bit BlowFish strong encryption.
The program also features: built-in data backup and restore capability; ability to auto-backup when quitting; version/update checking from within the application; saving data with the registered name, the serial number, the vendor Web site, and more; tool buttons to quickly copy viewed data as well as launch to the URL saved. Create custom 12-character alpha-numeric passwords based on user data input. It's fully keyboard-aware: the program can be totally keyboard-driven for faster use.

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