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Free Create an identical long and complex password on two computers at separate locations.
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Password Pair allows you and a distant associate to establish a common long and complex password that you can use to encrypt and decrypt files. You may then transfer the encrypted file securely over the Internet. Password Pair uses a "Handshake" technique similar to that used in your web application when you have a secure link to a bank, for example. Through an exchange of a cryptic string of text, symbols and number (two each way) over an Instant Messaging program or eMail, you and an associate can produce a common password on your separate computers. Any third party recording the cryptic string of text traffic between you and your associate will not be able to deduce your password without massive computer help. It would probably be as difficult as a "brute force" attack on your encrypted file's password itself. Most people use passwords that are weak passwords. It is especially un-secure to use birthdays, addresses, social security numbers, and the like. Password using words, names and numbers are the first to be looked for in a smart brute force attack. Not only do words and name follow rules of spelling but they also use a smaller portion of the available characters on the keyboard. A 64 or 128 character password generated by Password Pair would be long and complex and would avoid the shortfalls mentioned. Once you have generated a common password with your associate, Password Pair can conveniently enter this password into any password or text field. You can also save your password to a secure place (like an flash drive that you keep in a safe place) for future use.
What's new in this version:
The entire core process has been streamlined.
Certain text characters that cause problems in some password fields are not now used.
An authentication feature has been added to detect and thwart a "middle man attack".



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