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Password generator with lots of options to create passwords.
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Password Factory is a versatile password generator that helps you create complex and highly encrypted passwords that you can use to secure your personal information.
Providing a simple, yet efficient interface, the program comes with three different modes for generating passwords. This way, the tool is able to create random, pronounceable, and pattern-based passwords that can be used to protect files and folders, applications, and accounts from being opened and, respectively, launched by unauthorized users. You can control the strength of a password by selecting or deselecting certain options displayed within each section.

The passwords generated by using the first mode have the highest level of security, since the app randomly mixes symbols, letters, and ambiguous characters following the program’s randomization method. If you are a meticulous person who prefers pattern-like passwords, you need to switch to the second mode, where you can set how many figures, symbols, lower and upper cases the password should have, as well as the position of each type of character within the password. Once this mode is enabled, all passwords will respect a specific template. The "Pronounceable" section allows you to create a word-related password. Here you can randomly insert symbols and figures between words to get a strongly-encrypted key combination.

No matter what generating mode you choose, the password needs to be between five and 40 characters long. You can always check the encoding level of each key by looking at the strength-measuring bar that changes its color according to the password's complexity. For security reasons, you can set the program to clear the clipboard automatically at specific time intervals. The program can be quickly launched from your Mac menu bar or by using a hotkey that you previously configured.

Password Factory is a good and reliable password generator. It creates complex passwords that will be difficult if not even impossible to break with common password-cracking tools.

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  • Strong encoding
  • Generates complex passwords
  • Measures the password's strength
  • Free tool
  • Cleans the clipboard automatically at specific time intervals


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