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Encrypted, password protected database for sensitive...
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PassDirector is an encrypted, password-protected database for important personal data
Database for sensitive data
- bank accounts
- credit cards
- email accounts
- web passwords
- serial numbers
- hardware passwords
- Internet connection passwords
- phone numbers
- any other sensitive informationEncryption
- PassDirector uses strong, industry standard, high secure AES-256 encryption.
- Encrypted database data are stored automatically, it is not required to open or save any file. The data are stored in the home folder.Password
- The password is not stored in the computer, it cannot be retrieved by any way, it is used only when it is entered after starting PassDirector. (The password can be remembered in Apple Keychain if needed.)
- The password must be remembered carefully. If it is forgotten, it will not be possible to retrieve the data and they will be lost.iPhone
- use the same database on Mac and your iPhone
- syncing between Mac and iPhone over the Wi-Fi connectioniDisk
- use the same database on Mac and your iPhone
- syncing between Mac and iPhone using the MobileMe iDiskOther features
- searching in the database
- remembering the password in Apple Keychain
- changing the password
- opening Web pages directly in Safari, allowing to fill logins and passwords automatically
- backup and restore encrypted data (required for backup purposes or if moving the database to another computer)
- text export
- printing database entries

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