particleView 3.2

A smart program that allows you to visualize and play with animations.

ParticleView is a smart and entertaining application that provides a series of video animations and allows you to visualize as well as play with them. This program contains many effects and some of them are: fireworks, steam, comet, fire, microbes, stars, snow storm, grass, and many others. The exact number of these animations is 102. All the effects are captivating to watch and the fireworks is the most amazing one due to the fact that it look very realistic. The program provides multiple types of fireworks.

Every time you click on the interface window, the animation that you are watching at the moment is restarting and it does that at the position of the mouse cursor. This application allows you to play with the animations by dragging them through the interface. For example, when you click the mouse button, the fireworks explode but if you hold down the mouse button and move the cursor through the interface, the sparkles of the firework are following the cursor.

In conclusion, particleView is a funny application that helps you get rid of a bad mood by allowing you to play with all the effects that it provides.

Abbie Crang
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  • Many animation models,
  • The fireworks simulations are very realistic


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