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Paranoia Text Encryption 14.2

Protect sensitive written information by encrypting the text before sharing.
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Paranoia Text Encryption helps you protect sensitive written information by encrypting the text before sharing. Obviously, the tool can also decrypt an encoded text, simply by entering the required password. Therefore, both the sender and the receiver need to know the code that protects the text from being read.

The application is simple and easy to manage. To encrypt a text, you need to paste it into the app, set a password, choose the desired encryption algorithm profile, and enable the encryption. Then, you can copy the encoded text, save it to a file or share it online. To decrypt a text, things are even easier, since the app detects automatically the encryption algorithm, so you don't need to choose it manually. A very nice feature provided by this utility is the ability to conceal a text within an image. This way, you can hide crucial information the way nobody can see it, completely hidden within an image.

To make things short, this application offers a convenient solution to protect important information from prying eyes. Only you and those to whom you disclose the password can decode the encrypted text using the Paranoia Text Encryption software program.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Keep sensitive information private
  • Encode written text
  • Conceal text within an image
  • Provides multiple encryption algorithms


  • Web version doesn't function as well as the desktop version