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Free PapiWall is an arcade game developed for Mac computers.
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PapiWall is an arcade game for Mac where your goal is to guide a red ball that's rolling down a hill and avoid colliding with walls on the way. The app lets you choose between three difficulty levels, share the highest scores with other users, and comes without a price tag.

The only thing you need to pay close attention to is to jump at the exact moment and avoid any collision with the walls down the hill. The longer you keep your ball from crashing any wall on its way, the higher your final score gets.

You start with the Normal difficulty level where all walls are scattered pretty far from each other, but as you advance downhill your speed increases and it gets harder to control the rolling ball. The game is over once you hit one of the walls and you can submit your highscore on the homepage of the developer for others to see.

Nevertheless, the app comes with plenty of flaws: it brings you only 3 levels, it doesn't provide you with any power-ups, it shows ads from time to time, and it doesn't allow you to pause and resume gameplay. Other things I didn't like were its poor graphics and the fact that it didn't have a background music.

In my opinion, PapiWall is a game that after a while becomes too boring to play anymore. As I previously stated, the app comes with a serious amount of flaws, hence it isn't worth a try in my opinion.

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  • You can choose between three difficulty levels
  • Free
  • Allows you to share your highest scores with other users


  • Poor graphics
  • Brings only 3 levels
  • Gets boring after a while
  • Lacks power-ups
  • Unable to pause and resume gameplay
  • Shows ads


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