PapiBatting 1.0

PapiBatting is a very casual baseball game for the Mac.
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PapiBatting is a very casual baseball game for the Mac. Think of the most casual game you have ever played. That game is complicated compared to PapiBatting, or actually any game from the Papi series of casual games. In PapiBatting, you play a batter who has to hit the ball with the bat at the right time to hit a home run. The balls come at different speeds and angles so it is not as easy as it sounds. I found that hitting the ball really close to your body works better to get homeruns.

You swing your bat by clicking on your player. The first few balls are aimed at you, so you simply have to click your mouse, but as you progress in the game, balls are also aimed above you, so you have to click above your player to attempt a jump swing. This makes things a little more complicated, but not too much. If you miss a ball entirely, you are given an "Out". When you get three outs, it is game over for you.

This game is of course not trying to be a complete and thorough baseball simulation game. Thus, we have to judge it for what it is, a casual game that is supposed to quickly entertain you for a short while. It is a solid winner at that. It is instantaneous fun.

José Fernández
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  • It is fun for a few seconds


  • It gets old after a few seconds
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