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New and effective way to learn vocabulary.
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Papapapaya is an educational application that can assist you when learning a foreign language. The program will help you create lists of words to remember and generate quizzes to test your knowledge. In the quizzes you will be shown a word in your language and you will be asked to enter the word in the foreign language you are studying. If you don't know the answer, or you don't remember it, the program will show it, but your answer will be counted as 'Wrong'. The program comes with vocabularies for three languages: English, German, and French; but the idea is that you add your own word lists. The words you enter in the program can be organized by categories, namely, 'Unknown Words', 'Ultrashort Memory', 'Short Term Memory', etc. This is intended to guide you in the study of words. The program can also provide statistics on your progress including the words learned so far and other useful information. The application features a simple and attractive user interface, but it is not very easy to use. However, you will find a link in the 'Help' tab which will provide several videos explaining how to use the program. In short, if you are learning a new language and you are looking for a companion to help you memorize the words more easily and fast, Papapapaya may be a good choice.

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  • It can generate quizzes
  • Includes word lists in three languages
  • Provides Statistics


  • Not so easy to use



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