Pandora's Pests

Pandora's Pests 1.2

You're on a relaxing vacation at a desert resort when your peaceful afternoon is upturned by an armada of pests!

Pandora's Pests is an arcade game in which you have to kill bugs. The story of the game is that you go on a relaxing vacation to a resort, and the peace and relax stop when you are attacked by lots of several bugs. The game is rather simple. You see your arms in a first person perspective. One of your arms is immobile, and the bugs will attack this arm. The other arm can be used to crush insects walking on your other arm or near it. First, you only have your hand to kill the bugs, but you soon unlock a trapping net. When the insects bite you, you lose health, and when your health meter is depleted, you will lose the game. From time to time, you will see power-ups falling from the top of the screen. Some of these are new "weapons", health, and points.

Pandora's Pests is a commercial game. There is a trial version that you can download that will let you play some of the levels, but not in order. This became a problem for me, because the difficulty was increased a lot from level 5 to 8, for example, and I wasn't prepared for that.

Pandora's Pests is not the best game I have played. Honestly, I thought the game was basically about clicking your mouse as fast as you can. Some of the new weapons that you unlock are used up before you even realize you have them. And for $9.95, I think, you can find better games out there.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of different "weapons" against the bugs


  • Gameplay felt rushed and pointless
  • It crashed
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