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So when was the last time you were working away in InDesign and just had to convert Points to Ciceros? Or you were working on that cookbook and needed to know how many tablespoons there were in a barrel (either U.S. or U.K.)?
Aha. Haven't we all been THERE! Likewise, next time your colleague jaunts into your office and says that thanks to her new diet she's lost a whole stone! Wouldn't you like to know what that is in pounds?
OK. So maybe these questions aren't as universal as I first thought. Still, how often do you get something for nothing. I've developed a cutesy little InDesign plugin (ID 2.0 or later, Mac only), which converts between over a hundred different units of length, weight or volume. (I'll probably add more conversions over time. Next up is temperature!) It's yours for the download. No strings attached!

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