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Ovid the Owl is a strange platform game in which you are an owl.
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Ovid the Owl  is a strange platform game in which you are an owl which explores an eerie world with multiple scenarios. You will have the help of a scarecrow, which will guide you through the game with a series of dialogues and you will also learn the story behind the game. Every time you come across one of them, you should read carefully because they will help you find your way in the game. The game is full of ladders, plants and platforms by means of which you can reach higher places and finally get the door that leads you to the next level. There are also scary bats that can make you lose a life if you touch them, so you should avoid them. The owl can fly and jump, but there's no way of killing the enemies, so you should just avoid them.

The game doesn't have lives, so every time you lose, you will continue the game from the last checkpoint. A great thing is that the games can be saved to continue them later, which is great. Sadly, the game features only one difficulty level and you cannot customize anything, Graphics are simple but very good and attractive, sounds are realistic and nice, and the music is scary and very suitable. The characters are also very cute.

In short, if you are looking for a nice and original platform game to pass the time when you are bored, Ovid the Owl can be a good choice.

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  • Nice graphics and sounds
  • A simple gameplay
  • Free
  • Lots of levels


  • No customization options
  • Only one difficulty level
  • Simple graphics



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