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This app helps you quickly access apps, files, and folder.
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Overflow is an application that provides you with a time-saving solution when it comes to quickly accessing your preferred apps and documents. This program truly comes in handy whenever you deal with an overloaded Dock or you require to open certain files easily, without searching with Spotlight.

The interface is intuitive, appealing, and you can easily customize its appearance to match your daily needs. Overflow allows you to change the icon and font size, screen colour, and adjust the horizontal and vertical spacing between the icons within the items lists.

A thing I like about Overflow is the fact that it allows you to create your own items categories. For instance, you can make a group of apps containing the games you play or the programs you use for work hours only.

With this application, you can organize the tools and files you use most often into defined categories. After doing so, you can reduce the number of items within your Dock and get the a less cluttered desktop.

All in all, I enjoyed working with this program as it offered me an easy way to launch apps and open files without searching them using Finder or Spotlight. The app is very simple to handle and comes with a very reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly and customizable interface
  • Lets you sort your apps, files, and folders into categories
  • You can arrange the items within the lists in any order you like
  • Comes in handy when dealing with an overloaded Dock


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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