Outside - Weather Reports and Forecasts

Outside - Weather Reports and Forecasts 4.2

Current Weather condition on your Menu Bar.
4.2 (See all)

Current Weather condition on your Menu Bar. Additional 6 day Forecast, Radar Maps and Satellite cloud coverage Maps for your Local Region. We are one of the most complete weather app for everyday use.
Note: We value your privacy therefore we do not collect any information whatsoever. The only data we send and receive is the actual weather reports and maps from the US Gov NOAA National Weather Service.
Menu bar:
* Current Weather condition (sun, clouds, snow, rain, thunder...)
* Current Temperature, Wind Speed and Direction
* Rearrange or hide the individual instruments
* Location by Postal/Zip code or City name
* English (Fahrenheit) or Metric (Celsius)
* Adjust refresh interval
Details window:
* 6 day Forecast
* Hour by Hour Forecast
* Radar map that can be animated
* Satellite cloud coverage map that can be animated
* Each "box" can be minimized
* Standalone OR drop-down menu window
* Supports Lion Spaces and Full-Screen Apps
* Current weather: Worldwide
* Forecasts: US, Europe, Japan, Mexico
* Satellite maps: Worldwide
* Radar maps: US
Outside uses the US "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service" database for the most up-to-date and accurate weather conditions and reports.

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