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OurWeather for iPhone/iPad is also available on the AppStore!
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By Atom Systems Incorporated, SL

OurWeather for iPhone/iPad is also available on the AppStore!
Welcome to OurWeather
Do you want to know the weather forecast without having to look out the window? Do you want to have the most accurate and complete weather on the palm of your hand?
With OurWeather now is possible!
We have done for you what is probably the most beautiful weather app, and what is best, this is perhaps the most accurate of all existing ones. Other apps are focused on having lots of functions and settings. We thought it will be better to have an app that gives you everything with a single screen tap. Forget about configuring a lot of settings. With OurWeather you will have everything you need in a simple and natural fashion.
- Super accurate weather forecast
- High quality graphics
- High quality animated backgrounds (over 40) to give you an accurate and dynamic weather forecast visual feedback
- Nothing to configure. Just enter your city and you are ready to start
- Current Date
- Temperature (ºC or ºF)
- Relative Humidity
- Weather Forecast for Today
- Rainfall in mm
- Wind Speed
- Percentage of Cloud Cover
- Pressure in mbar
- Visibility (kilometers or miles)
- Forecast for the next 5 days with maximum and minimum temperatures
- City Name
Do you have some trouble? Do you need help? Do you have a awesome idea for this app? Please contact us. We are here to help!

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