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Osmos is an excellent arcade-like simulation game.
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Osmos is an excellent and very interesting game. The game, as the developers put it, is a cosmic simulator. You play as a life form in a cosmos where you grow by absorbing smaller life forms. Those life forms that are bigger than you will absorb you, so you have to avoid them at all costs.

You control this life form with your mouse. To move, it ejects some of its mass and you control the direction in which the mass goes with your mouse. To eject mass, you have to use the left mouse button. If you hold it, you will move more. But any time you move, you become smaller, because your mass leaves you. The game is based on the principle that every action has an opposite and equal reaction. So if you eject mass to the left, you move to the right, and vice versa. It is just genius.

The game has absolutely stunning graphics and very suitable music. It is relaxing and it doesn't get in the way of you enjoying the game. The first few levels are quite easy because nothing moves, but as soon as you progress through the demo, you will notice that other life forms start moving and they become more agressive. The demo only features a couple of playable levels. But the full game has 47 different levels plus bonus content.

In short, there's a reason why this is one of the most downloaded and most popular games on the App Store and the reason is that this game is awesome and worth the $9.99 that it costs.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of levels
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics
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