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21 Oct 2021
8 May 2011
Editorial review

What's new

- Allows for multiple payments, and part-payments made by different methods. Removes Deposit / Balance and replaces with multiple payments.
- Existing deposit (if present) and balance fields are converted when new version is first run. The old fields are kept in the database.
- Adds field 'balanceremaining' which is a calculation of what's owed taking into account the new-style payments.
- Adds field 'totaldue' which is a total of everything with tax and shipping before any payments have been made. Is not reduced by any payments that have been made. For that use balanceremaining
- Exsting stationery (invoices etc) will still work as far as possible. The new version won't replace or update them in case you've customised them, but will try to update them. If this isn't successful, or you wish to add the new fields to your templates, see Organise's support pages.
- On existing stationery, the old balance field will be populated with the new 'balanceremaining' field. The deposit field will no longer be populated for new Orders because it doesn't exist on the record. Suggest replacing the fields on your templates with the new tempalte field which will insert the list of payments, dates and payment methods.
- Adds 'Import Report' to File menu ready for App store (sandboxed) version which doesn't allow communication between Organise and the Report Builder app.

- Easier invoice customisation
- Options for customisation are available via new tab in prefs
- Allows for background image - set by dragging and dropping image file
- No longer necessary to find the css file to alter the table properties, editable directly in the diaglog via prefs
- The 'edit template' button will now simply open the selected template for editing rather than the enclosing folder as previously
- Adds 'copy template' and 'delete template' to help manage your templates without doing it in Finder
- Adds 'undo' and 'redo' to generated invoice
- Adds options for sorting by code. (Item code and Order code). As this is an alphanumieric field no option will be ideal for everyone, so now allows choice of sorting alphabetically, numerically (with letters ignored if present) and numerically (based on id number, which is the default value for that field)
- Now includes order number in the search when search box above orders is used
- Integration with Address Book - allows selection of contact from AB, and those contacts (as long as the ref number isn't altered) then allow updating from AB
- Rolls out advanced searching to main search boxes - words typed are treated as separate words rather than one phrase. This featuer has been in the contact and item picker window for several versions.

v4.1 [8 May 2011]
version 4.11 Pro Released March 2011
- Small fix to 'supplier' button of Item
version 4.1 Pro Released Oct 2010
- More advanced handling of sales tax (VAT)
- - items are assumed to be standard rate (S) by default
- - Note that if you have been using the tax functionality previously, the selling price of an item was assumed to be exclusive, and in this version it is assumed to be inclusive.
Previously, the Order form calculated the tax and added it to arrive at a gross figure. Now it calculates it and deducts it to arrive at a net figure.
- - Shipping is included in calculation for tax amount
version 4.01 Pro Released Sept 2010
- Fixes bug which prevented export of Reports section
- Fixes bug which caused some tables to fail on csv export
- CSV now utf8 encoded rather than ascii

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