Open Fire Gold 1.1

Free Successor to Open Fire, a point-n-shoot arcade game, and features two different game modes...
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BlueGill Studios
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Open Fire Gold is the successor to Open Fire, a point-n-shoot arcade game, and features two different game modes, seamless, integrated real-time global online scoring, an explosion meter, and an amazing realistic arcade gameplay backed by the Ageia physics engine. Open Fire Gold shoves you in the shoes of a lone operative armed to the teeth with explosive rocket rounds and a handful of land mines! Unload your weapon and riddle your screen with pockmarked scars of battle, because it's time to play Open Fire Gold! Features: Open Fire Classic: The enemy supply line is moving through your region, you have 110 seconds to inflict as much damage as possible using your arsenal of rockets and land mines! Stop The Huns: A seeming unending stream of tanks and supply vehicles are moving through this sector. You must destroy as much of the supply line as possible, each vehicle that gets past you raises the chance of you being found and terminated. The supply line is divided up into waves, our commander will send a volley of rockets to help you clear up each wave, you will receive a supply of mines a few waves in! Go out in glory operative! Highscores: Show the world how much damage you inflicted! Post your scores to our online high scores list!
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Bugfixes, improved highscore interface layout, pause menu has playing instructions

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