On-Target Reports

On-Target Reports 5.1

Generate dynamic reports quickly and easily.
5.1 (See all)
On-Target Reports

On-Target Reports can help you generate dynamic reports quickly and easily.
Feature set includes:
- Report Assistant. A step-by-step assistant to quickly and easily generate reports from supported datasources.
- Data Grouping. Organize data within your reports using sub-groups.
- Graphics and Watermarks. Preview and print graphics stored within any supported database. Display a company logo, Confidential or other marks useful in day-to-day business.
- Graphs. On-Target Reports has a graphing engine, with support for all major graph types, including: Column, Stacked Column, Line, Stacked Line, Area, Stacked Area, Scatter and Pie.
- PDF Export. Export your reports as a printable PDF file. You can also create tab delimited files of the original queried data or data shown on generated reports.
- Inline Expressions and Variables. Manipulate and display your data in a field using a variety of string, math, and logical functions. Create and store unique variables for creation of highly customized fields.
- REALbasic Runtime Classes. REALbasic developers can use the OTR REALbasic Runtime Classes to replay report templates within their applications.

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