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The most revolutionary software for graphic designers that changes their perspective!
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OmniPoint is unlike any other compony, which brings a whole new meaning to versatile and inspiring. It is jammed packed with software that makes an easy, simple, and elegant all in one Graphic Designers dream. This has the best logo creation tools, animation software, your presentations now look more astonishing and highlighted to stand out with such a customizable system. A wide variety of clip art has been preinstalled and introduced to both the Photo and Animation software. You carry an inexhaustible variety of animations that are so customizable. The most minuet details can be achieved within YOUR finger tips. For beginners looking to use just simple animations that are preinstalled, we have the largest variety, taking in more than hundreds that you, the creator, can customize with ease with the most simplest GUI available! For the advanced looking to create the most Raster and the most Vector images possible. This software has one of the most extensive CMYK so your images and font pop out to the consumer. Also, you may have as much DPI and Anti- Analysis images that your CPU can harvest! Also Audio is super important, so we take a great deal into bringing you the most easy importation, audio recording directly, and audio settings tab that is almost identical to Logic Pro X, just with more functionality!
Omni means all specific things, which we exemplify having the Graphic Designers dream of both Animation and photography. Point means one specific thing, were we show how extensive our program can run.
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