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OCCHI is a creative animation AD maker for smartphones. Small businesses will be benefited the most by using this application for publishing their ads.Occhi's five-step menu consists of (1)Creations, (2)Edit, (3)Sound, (4)Transition and (5)Publish. Considering steps (2) and (3) play less important roles, an animation is actually created following just three steps (1), (4) and (5). Immediately after installation Occhi prompts its users to import the samples included in the zip file. Users can create their own animations by replacing images inside Occhi's samples. Occhi's unique way of creating animations includes moving, stretching and rolling background transparent PNG files along with the JPG files. The images may be selected from the user's archives or from the web services like Wikimedia, GettyImages, Fotolia. Because of the fact that sound effects enrich animations, Ochhi provides more than 100 preset sounds in the menu Step3:Sound. These in-built sound presets are broadly categorised into 5 types. Referring to the sound format, two formats i.e. MP3/OGG are available in Occhi. To allow the animation to be supported by almost all browsers, it is recommended to select both the formats.



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