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Records and streams video combining various sources.
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OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is intended for video recording and broadcasting. It supports capturing from the screen as well as from any camera connected to your computer. Likewise, it lets you stream live video on various online services, such as YouTube.

The application’s interface can be a little difficult to figure out when it is the first time you use it. However, the workflow gradually gets clearer mostly after you consult some of the online help documents.

You can start by creating a scene and then adding different sources. In this respect, it supports adding existing still images, audio and video as well as capturing them. It is also excellent news that it can capture the whole screen, for example, when you are playing a game. Likewise, it lets you select a region or one of the open windows.

In terms of sound, the tool allows recording from both the soundcard and the microphone. Luckily, there is a mixer with separate controls for each source, which allows you to configure noise gate, noise suppression and gain.

The tool has an exceptional performance when it comes to mixing various sources. So, it is quite easy to compose new scenes in which you combine screen captures, images, camera streams, audio, etc.

Finally, the tool is ideal for making live broadcasts. In this regard, you can even configure hotkey combinations to manage the output. These allow you, for instance, to switch between scenes, start streaming and start recording without needing to use the mouse. Although OBS produces high quality video, it has the limitation of supporting a narrow range of output formats, which does not make it less valuable, though.

In general, OBS is definitely one of the best applications of its type and is luckily opensource. It has a lot of possible uses, like streaming gameplay over the Internet, providing online supports and making software demonstrations.

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  • Supports multiple video and audio sources
  • Combine various sources seamlessly
  • Supports creating various scenes
  • Lets you configure hotkey combinations


  • Narrow range of output formats

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