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An NZB client that allows finding and downloading the desired contents.
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NZB Vortex 3 is a client intended to support NZB, an XML-based file format that allows retrieving posts from NNTP servers. Technically speaking, what it does is to download all the segments into which large files are split separately, and then, join them back into the original files. The app is rather light and its interface is very easy to navigate. In addition, there is a wizard to help you with basic settings.

A typical workflow consists in finding the desired contents, downloading them as chunks and reconstructing the original files. Fortunately, NZB Vortex 3 supports various ways by which you can start a download. The easiest way is probably by using the built search feature, which has the advantage that you do not need to visit the source web site. Likewise, it is quite convenient to subscribe to news feeds and receive alerts whenever new content are posted, for instance, the latest episode of your favorite TV series.

Good news is that NZB Vortex 3 can download the selected files very efficiently. First, it supports multiple download threads. Second, it can skip unneeded files, including par2 and sample files, which minimizes the size of the downloads. On the contrary, if you do not want the tool to interfere with your Internet navigation, you can set limits or schedule downloads to happen during periods of inactivity.

Luckily, this client can join split files without your intervention. Moreover, it can handle common errors effectively. In this respect, the tool verifies and fixes the downloaded files automatically. In addition, it can unzip some types of archive formats (ZIP and RAR). Regrettably, it cannot do that with other extensions.

Last but not least, NZB Vortex 3’s cloud-based features allow sharing information with other users. This way, you can know about password-protected or damaged files as well as spam.

All in all, NZB Vortex 3 works exactly what is described by its developers. The best about it is certainly that it saves you from using various tools as it can search for contents, manage downloads as well as unpack and fix files. Fortunately, this product can be tried with just a few limitations.

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  • Supports all parts of the workflow
  • Built-in search feature
  • Cloud-based features
  • Automatic alerts
  • Bandwidth management
  • Built-in download scheduler
  • Automatic repair of corrupt downloads
  • Automatic decompression of archives


  • Cannot support archive formats other than ZIP and RAR



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