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The NuoDB DBMS provides scale-out performance, zero downtime, and geo-distributed data management.
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Everyday businesses face challenges with application deployments, maintaining business continuity, and providing outstanding application performance. NuoDB leads the industry with a distributed database management system to solve these problems.
NuoDB provides scale-out performance, continuous availability and geo-distributed data management. It's a single, logical database easily deployed in multiple locations simultaneously. This unique capability is unavailable in any other SQL product.
It's a true SQL service with ACID properties and relational logic, offering automatic redundancy, high availability and low latency. It's designed from scratch as a distributed system with no single point of failure to meet the needs of global businesses.
What's new in this version:
Let's take a look at a few top items* to know about in 2.0.4, front and center (*see more depth in the Release Notes for 2.0.4): Quality, and lots of it. No, really, there are over 300 product updates.We identified a big "gotcha" in the form of an OOM killer and offered a strong warning. See our Techblog on Linux Transparent Huge Pages for a solid write-up.Lots of SQL fixes and improvements, including a complete rebuild of our SQL name resolution phase...

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