Nu Sans Monospaced font 3.1

sans-serif alternative to Courier, good for email
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From the developer:Nu Sans Monospaced has been a long time coming. I started designing this font in 1996 and had completed the outline and bitmaps about 1997. It sat on the shelf (so to speak) for a year. During that time, I had updated the Nu Sans family many times, improving the design of the letterforms with each version. After finishing up version 8.0 of Nu Sans, I decided to take a look at Nu Sans Monospaced again. I found that the bitmaps were really good looking, but the outlines needed to be scrapped. So I finished up a new set of outlines and polished off the character set.
Now that 2000 has rolled around (not quite the Millennium, but hey, we've got three zeros, so that's pretty neat :-), I decided it was about time to extend the Nu Sans Monospaced family. Early in 1999, I got interested in the different typefaces available for the IBM Selectric typewriter. One of my favorites was the "Script" typeface. So I ordered the type ball and then used a friend's Selectric (he still uses his for his business letters) to create a type specimen.
I used the specimen as a basis for the italic for Nu Sans Monospaced. I took the "idea" of IBM's Script typeface and created it around the Nu Sans proportions.
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This version fixes some font menu oddities in Adobe applications.



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