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Checks texts for originality and plagiarism.
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Analyze and test scientific research, articles, term papers, homework assignments and other content for originality and the absence of copied content by processing digital documents in the suite searching for similarities with files in online databases. Up to 20 documents are supported simultaneously.

Novus Scan is a tool for teachers, editors, and writers, enabling them to find text that has been copied between documents.
Create a document database of articles, term papers, homework assignments, or research materials. Then, import documents that you'd like to scan, and Novus Scan will compare them to all the documents in its database and show you any matching text between the contents of its database and the document that you're scanning.
Novus Scan works completely offline, so you can be sure that your documents won't be uploaded to the Internet and you won't violate intellectual property agreements. You can build a database of documents, whether it's your own previously written work, reference materials used in research, or term papers from classes that you're teaching. Novus Scan is a great tool for freelance writers, preventing accidental self-plagiarism and finding text that accidentally has been used for another client's project. If you're a teacher, Novus Scan will help you compare term papers and other student assignments. If you're a student, put your reference and research documents into Novus Scan's database and then scan your document to ensure that you haven't accidentally copied any text from other sources. Features Import documents in popular formats, including Word, PDF and HTML The scanning engine spots matching phrases at least 8 words long Print or save a report that shows the copied text with references to the source documents Notes Novus Scan only checks your document against documents that you add to its internal database. The scanning algorithm has only been tested on English language text. Support for other languages is coming soon.

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