NoteTaker 2.7

An efficient day planner that gives you access to a wide range of useful tools.

NoteTaker is a handy application that allows you to write down notes with school studies, business plans, holiday routes or other daily tasks you could be thinking of; this easy-to-use tool can also be used as a personal journal where you can write your thoughts and ideas.

You will be able to customize the interface's appearance according to your needs by opting for another background image, changing the font type, arranging the notes differently, adding/removing items from the toolbar and many other.
Once you've finished configuring the application, you can start taking notes including plain texts, time stamps, voice memos and many others. Additionally, you can highlight paragraphs and summarize the written text to get a better view of your ideas.

You will be able to add as many notes as you want and as soon as you finish writing them down, you can password-protect the documents, print them and even send the files via e-mail to your friends, clients or students.

To sum it all up, NoteTaker is an efficient day planner that gives you access to a wide range of useful tools.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly and customizable interface
  • Allows you to add texts, time stamps, voice memos to your notes
  • Able to password-protect files


  • None
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